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-James Villepigue CSCS-

International Best-Selling Author, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Certified Life-Empowerment Coach. Author of 30 books, including one of the most successful fitness book franchises, in history, The Body Sculpting Bibles series.

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Only your best life, ever! Working one-on-one with James, often leads to a transformed physical body, optimized physical & mental health and outrageous career success!

james villepigue


Of best selling fitness books

James is an acclaimed International best-selling author of 30 books. His Body Sculpting Bible books are one of the most successful fitness book franchises, in history. Along with the success of his books, James has owned and operated many successful fitness-based businesses, including family focused 5k obstacle race, The Survival Race, where he was business partner’s with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also co-owner of the Zombie Race.

Fitness & Business

James became a best-selling author as a result of following an important combination of important business factors. Having the ability to write what people want to read, is just one of many business success factors. You must also learn how to effectively brand yourself, so that you stand out and make enough pleasant noise, where the right people notice you and want to listen/read what you have to say!

James is a seasoned professional who not only branded himself to become one of the fitness industry’s elite, but he’s helped many other health and fitness professionals do the same.

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Great Fitness Products

James is the CEO of WhipCore (soon-to-be-released), one of the genuinely most innovative and revolutionary (literally!) hardcore (literally!) abdominal and upper body exercise devices ever developed.

Already being sought out by Hollywood A-Listers, Famous Celebrity Athletes, Hungry Sharks and Stealthy Ninja Warriors, these folks are already wanting to take on and attempt to conquer WhipCore…all while getting in great shape and having lots of fun while doing it.

It’s not often that you find a fitness product that truly defines what it means to be innovative and unique. WhipCore, not only meets this criteria, but far exceeds it, skyrocketing up and above the ordinary and mundane, that we’ve all become so used to. A new era of abdominal and total body fitness is now upon us.

WhipCore, is perhaps the most challenging, fun and effective abdominal machine ever created. Once you try it, you’ll become obsessed about wanting to conquer it. All other abdominal/core exercise contraptions quickly become boring and just not worth keeping.

WhipCore, is great for adults, as well as kids and it will last for many active years to come. Try it once and you’ll be whipped!

The Fit Whip is one of the most beautifully engineered jump ropes in existence, the Fit Whip, is crafted of top-grade aluminum handles with foam rubber grips for extreme comfort. Its state-of-the-art free-flow ball bearings and slim PVC coated braded whip-wire cable, provide ultra-smooth handle rotation, making it the industry’s fastest super-sonic speed rope.

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