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James Villepigue, is recognized as one of the foremost pioneers in physique transformation and body sculpting. His Body Sculpting Bible books are considered one of the best-selling fitness book franchises in publishing history. James’ training systems and methods, are some of the most innovative and creative programs that you will ever have the privilege of experiencing for yourself.

To make your experience even more impactful, you will have a chance to work with James, one-on-one, during private and powerful online training sessions.

James’ proprietary Burst-Bout Training System, is James’ landmark fitness exercise program. James will absolutely transform your body, so that you look and feel the best you ever have, in the fastest time possible!

Are You Ready To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life?

Celebrity Fitness Trainer, James Villepigue, specializes in developing individual training programs for every walk of life. Rather than offering a “one-size-fits-all” approach, he fine tunes a complete training program based around your specific lifestyle.

This gives you a marked advantage for achieving and maintaining your goals. Whether you’re a seasoned couch potato or professional athlete, James will utilize the most accurate and successful principles available in the fitness industry to give you tremendous results. 

This superior method of prescribing exercise begins with a detailed and accurate questionnaire to create your profile. This process includes reviewing your history, conducting preliminary testing, and determining goals, to create your very own customized program, designed to fit you precisely and comfortably.

The success of your program is then evaluated and the program elements are adjusted to meet your specific needs and goals as you advance. The strength and conditioning program becomes a dynamic process that adapts with your success, utilizing an ever-changing knowledge and technology base.

James continually utilizes new technologies and innovative training protocols to develop programs for the weight room, gym, on the field, in your home, and even when traveling. The resulting training methodologies offer you the pinnacle of strength, conditioning, and weight loss, increasing your overall fitness success.

“I look forward to helping you attain a more sculpted physique and to be of assistance as I help you become a better person in a new and improved body that will blow every body’s mind!”

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