Why Train With Me & Why Now?

Over the last 20-years, I have written 30 bestselling books and have built one of the most successful fitness book franchises, in history. During this time, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work directly with some of the worlds most famous and affluent people.

I am a native Long Islander, and for the first time, in a long time, I have decided to take on 5 new clients. I have already accepted one, so I have 4 spots remaining and that’s it.

I am based out of East Northport, New York, and I prefer to work with clients in this area or surrounding towns.

For many years, I travelled the world for business and I am finally retiring from my long journeys, and am excited to get back to what I truly love; one-on-one personal training Long Island residents!

The Wipe Bouts Workouts Muscle Shuffle

The Wipe Bouts Workouts Muscle Shuffle prevents the body from hitting a training plateau by keeping the target muscles off-guard and constantly challenged. This training principle is what will keep producing your extraordinary results for the long haul.

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how a week’s worth of Wipe Bouts Workout’s will look…

Each Wipe Bouts Workout will be a full body workout, training all if your major muscle groups. Over the first 3 workouts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, you will follow your custom made Wipe Bouts Workout, prescribed by your’s truly.

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For those of you who are curious as to why we’d be performing full body training sessions, here’s why…

In order to burn the maximum amount of body fat and to create a lean and sculpted beach worthy body, we want to increase your metabolic rate and we do this by keeping the workouts intense and the rest times short.

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Isn’t full body training 4 times a week overdoing it?

The answer is, yes, but not in your case. If we were training your whole body using the same exact exercises, sequence of exercises and training each muscle group using the same amount of volume…

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What are these training outcomes you’re talking about?

The training outcomes are essentially what you’re trying to achieve through each strength based portion of your Burst Bout Workouts – strength, power…

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James Villepigue The Celebrity Fitness Trainer
1 Salisbury Drive SouthEast Northport, NY 11731
(516) 659-0079

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