Maximum Fitness

The Complete Guide to Navy Seal Cross Training

Maximum Intensity!
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Maximum Fitness!

The most effective workout ever developed.

Has your current fitness routine lived up to your expectations? Probably not!

Join James Villepigue, International Best-Selling Author and fitness guru, and Stewart Smith, former Navy SEAL Stew Smith and fitness professional as he takes your fitness to the max with his new MAXIMUM FITNESS: The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Cross Training, featuring the 52 WEEK MAXIMUM FITNESS WORKOUT.

MAXIMUM FITNESS is the fist complete year long cross-training program designed to make you physically the absolute best you can be! Whether you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, man or woman, MAXIMUM FITNESS provides the essential ingredients for anyone looking for an exceptional athletic edge.

From weight training to swimming to biking and running to body weight PT and flexibility training, no matter what kind of shape you are currently in, MAXIMUM FITNESS will change the way you look and feel – it will positively change your life!

With MAXIMUM FITNESS you will discover:

52 weeks of high-tech supercharged cross-training workouts
Four unique 13-week workout cycles to help build a stronger, healthier, and injury-free physique
Complete flexibility, calisthenics, and weight training routines
Advanced PT, running and swimming drills
Routines for weight loss and weight gain
Endurance enhancing exercises
Cross-training guide for maximum efficiency without burnout
Increased muscular stamina
Cardio-vascular fitness
Strength training and powerlifting routines
Speed and agility training drills for the ultimate reaction time

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