Mind Over Muscle

The Effortless Way to Sculpt a Perfect Body

Use the Power of Your Mind to Change Your Body and Your Life

With so much focus on washboard abs, buns of steel, chiseled arms, and rock hard pecs, many people forget the most important muscle when it comes to their personal fitness–the mind. Mind Over Muscle, the next wave in physical fitness, is a powerful guide to flexing your brain to achieve the body of your dreams.

Mind Over Muscle teaches you how to stay focused in all aspects of your workout routine, from your preparation to your recovery. It includes:

·Step-by-step visualization, high performance meditation, and other mind/body techniques for more efficient workouts

·Detailed exercise descriptions that blend proper physical form with guided imagery to help you push through rough spots

·Individual workout routines for any fitness level

·Complete meal plans incorporating “good mood foods”

·Tools and tips to keep your mind sharp and your muscles strong even when you’re not in the gym