Monster Busters / Gargi and the Guardians

Welcome to the world of Gargi & The Guardians™, a children’s empowerment product designed to help make kids more confident and courageous, while also inspiring sweet dreams. Gargi & The Guardians™ has already won rave reviews from the likes of actor John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazard, the Oxygen Magazine editor-in-chief and Today’s Parent executive editor, Kerrie Lee Brown, and Prevention and Good Housekeeping magazine regular, Bari Nan Cohen. Notorious for stalking the closets of generations of sleepy children, monsters are a terrifying constant in just about every child’s imagination.

This is why the adventures of young Jack and Gargi, our monster-busting heroes, are so important. Gargi & The Guardians™was designed to become a multi-book series designed to empower children in every aspect of their lives. The first book in our series, entitled, Monster Busters™, is a beautifully illustrated story book featuring the enchanting tale about a boy whose fears get the best of him. The child empowerment system includes our hero guardian plush doll, whose belly contains the powerful Light Up The Night™ technology, powered by the world’s very first remote-control nightlight on demand and activated by the magical “Belly Buttons” remote-control.

The story and plush doll were developed to empower children, by effectively teaching them about how we have more control over our fears and perceptions then we think. The Monster Busters™ story and the Light Up The Night™ plush doll brings your children a strong sense of calm and serenity, helping them conquer nighttime fears, so they will quickly and consistently fall asleep and receive their much needed rest.