Prepper Fitness

A Prepper-Style Approach to Physical Conditioning!

Brought to you by James Villepigue, an international bestselling fitness author, celebrity motivational coach, and as it turns out, longtime prepper.

James recognized that there is a huge lack of attention being given to the benefits of physical training when it comes to prepping for worst case scenarios and climate change disasters. Three experiences made it crystal clear for James how important fitness is when it comes to your survival, and he begins this ebook recounting them for you.

The Foundations of Prepper Fitness

•First, he briefly talks about his personal experiences with hurricanes Irene and Sandy, which directly laid siege to his grandparent’s neighborhood in New Jersey, and his own home in New York. Prepper fitness was engineered to help you prepare for and survive serious storms and natural disasters.

•Second, as he was only minutes away from ground zero on 911 when the towers were struck, and knew many of the first responding emergency workers, prepper fitness was also crafted for you from the standpoint of someone that has been up close and personal with a major terrorist attack and the social disruption that followed.

•Third, the murder of his father. James can give you his insight on how physical conditioning will help you cope with and overcome unprecedented odds and the loss of loved ones during a major crisis.

What Kind of Training Is It?

Bodyweight Exercises

James provides detailed progressions on how to learn many of the effective and core building bodyweight exercises. These include:

•One-arm pushups

•The L-sit

•Plank mastery

•Isometric pull-up poses

•One-leg squats

•The planche

Isometric Conditioning

Because prepper fitness aspires to be new and unprecedented, some twists on traditional isometrics have been added. This type of training, coupled with bodyweight exercises and gym workouts, provides a powerhouse regimen that asks the body to start adapting for emergencies right away.

Obstacle Course and Rapid Response Training

James is a pioneer of the western obstacle course revolution. In fact, he is one of the official chairmen of the Survival Race event sponsored by the Arnold Classic starting in 2013.

He designed 12 challenging, complex, and hardcore obstacle course training workouts that can be done at the track, in the gym, at home, or basically anywhere at no cost.

Immune System Focused Diet

Prepper fitness concentrates on three things when it comes to eating in a preparatory manner: probiotics, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. There are easy to understand explanations, examples, and tips on how to get started on transforming your body into a storehouse of medicine and healing today.

Chapter Outline

Ch.1 – The Hurricanes
Ch.2 – What is Prepper Fitness?
Ch.3 – Immune System Focused Food Intake
Ch.4 – How To Truly Test Yourself
Ch.5 – Bodyweight Exercises & Progressions
Ch.6 – Obstacle Course & Rapid Response Training

Get excited and get involved in prepper fitness!