The Body Sculpting Bible Express: Men’s Edition

The 21 Minute Body Scultiping Workout

Spending more time at the office and less time at the gym? Looking for increased energy, vitality, and a sculpted body but can’t fit in fitness? You are not alone! Now there’s a workout that works harder so you don’t have to work longer.

From the experts that started the body sculpting phenomenon comes a workout designed to tone and chisel your body in 21 minutes a day: The Body Sculpting Bible: EXPRESS–Men’s Edition. If you’re ready to build strength, invest in your health, and sculpt the body of your dreams, it’s time to take the 21-Day Challenge.

Based on the periodization principles that have made the Body Sculpting Bibles a success, EXPRESS Workouts are guaranteed to:

· Chisel and harden your torso and abs

· Build strength and muscle tone all over

· Magnify your shoulders, legs, and arms

· Revitalize your energy and restore stamina

· Get you on the path towards lifelong fitness