The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides

A Complete Workout to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Dress

Your big day is on the way!

On your wedding day, you want to look your absolute best in even the most revealing of wedding gowns. Are you ready to bare your shoulders, back, and arms with a strapless, backless wonder? And don’t forget the honeymoon bikini!

Together with personal trainer RoseMarie Alfieri, James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera-the experts who started the body sculpting phenomenon-have designed a series of unique workouts that will get you in your best shape in as little as four weeks. Whether you’ve booked a cathedral or plan to elope to Vegas, they have the perfect workout for you.

The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides includes:

· Exercises to tone and shape your arms and shoulders

· Stretching and breathing exercises to relieve those wedding day jitters

· Four, eight, and twelve-week programs to fit any schedule

· Tips to revitalize your energy levels and improve your posture

· Plus, nutritional tips, meal schedules, motivational hints, workout plans, and more!

From dumbbells to wedding bells, brides everywhere will be saying “I do” to The Body Sculpting Bible for Brides.