The Body Sculpting Bible for Buns and Legs: Women’s Edition

The Way to Physical Perfection

Join the Body Sculpting revolution with this companion book specially designed to target women’s trouble spots.

Hugo Rivera and James Villepigue, authors of the widely popular Body Sculpting Bible series, are at it again with a program to tone and tighten your buns, thighs, and legs. This book has something for everyone—from break-in routines for the novice to advanced training for the expert who wants to rise above that fitness plateau. And all of the exercises, fitness programs, and nutritional information have been custom-designed by the experts to sculpt, slim, and strengthen the unique contours of a woman’s body.

Based on the periodization principle that made the original so effective, the 14-day body sculpting workout for women never stays the same for long and the results just keep on coming.

The Body Sculpting Bible for Buns and Legs—Women’s Edition includes:

• Detailed, body-part specific exercises that target the thighs, hips, legs, and buns

• Meal charts, workout graphs, and fitness plans to help you chart your progress

• Specialized training tips for pregnant or menopausal women

The Body Sculpting Bible for Buns and Legs is the essential guide to getting the body of your dreams, fast.

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