The Body Sculpting Bible for Chest and Arms: Men’s Edition

The Way to Physical Perfection

Join the Body Sculpting revolution with this companion book specially designed to target men’s upper bodies.

Using ground-breaking research in exercise science, The Body Sculpting Bible for Chest and Arms—Men’s Edition will give you the chiseled chest, broad shoulders, and bulging biceps you’ve always wanted.

From break-in routines for the novice to advanced training for the expert—this book has something for everyone. The 14-day body sculpting workout for men is a program that drives the body hard in two-week increments. The workout never stays the same for long and the results just keep on coming.

The Body Sculpting Bible for Chest and Arms will:

• Teach you the most up-to-date exercises and fitness techniques to gain lasting results

• Provide an easy-to-follow diet plan that provides essential nutrition just for men

• Give detailed progress charts, workout schedules and resistance training guidelines to help you stay on track.

Hundreds of thousands of men have used The Body Sculpting Bibles for stunning results. Now thousands more will have the upper body of their dreams with The Body Sculpting Bible for Chest and Arms.

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