The Zone Tone Breakthrough

Unleashing The Mind Muscle Connection For Accelerated Fat Loss, Lean Muscle, and Elite Conditioning

What is the Zone Tone Breakthrough? It’s a fitness system that hyper-accelerates your results!

The Zone Tone Breakthrough is an emerging fitness phenomenon from the innovative mind of international bestselling fitness author James Villepigue. Prepare yourself for an intensified mind to muscle connection that injects passion, vibrancy, and determination into any workout regimen.

Closely related to the field of sports psychology, James drew on over two decades of personal training experience, a prestigious certification in message therapy, a degree from IPEC in success coaching, oriental medicine, as well as “goal setting & getting” expertise to create a personal transformation guide capable of complimenting any fitness routine.

This ebook is absolutely brimming over with methodologies and strategies that will help you carve out the physique you seek, and stir the contents of your heart & soul along the path to elite conditioning.

Sneak Peak Features List:
•Plenty of effective and practical ways to harness emotional fitness and take your brain to the gym.
•Easy to follow techniques to condition the subconscious mind for the advancement of serious fitness goals.
•The phenomenal Sense, Tense, and Release technique for extra body sculpting authority.
•Zone Tone takes muscle memory and mind-to-muscle training to completely fresh and unprecedented levels.
•James tackles the questions, “What is physical toughness?” and “Do mental gymnastics really increase lean tissue strength?”
•Deeply explore the stages of physical change and physique alteration.

If you’ve been looking for an edge to apply to a sharp training approach; hunting down a system that goes beyond simple mind games; fervently or nonchalantly searching for a fitness philosophy that is far deeper than a typical “fake it till you make it” rehash – begin devouring the Zone Tone method immediately.

Whether you’re a self starter, extrovert, or hybrid personality type, mastering imagery for daily use in workouts and visualization techniques for implementation can elevate your overall health and fitness levels beyond meager expectations.

Renowned success coach James Villepigue gently mixes the art of muscle focus, basic physiology, deeper aspects of neurology, meditation & breathing techniques, and affirmations to bring you a monster self-help fitness ebook.

Here’s the Chapter Layout:

1. A Foundation for Fitness Revolutionized

2. What is the Zone Tone Technique?

3. What’s In It for Me?

4. Can You Show Me Proof?

5. Not to get Too Metaphysical on You, But…

6. Steps & Strategies for 21st Century Fitness

7. What About Zone Tone and Weight Loss?

8. All Work and No Rest…

9. Motivation – Get and Keep It

10. What Else Will Zone Tone Work For?

Then you’ll discover pages of hand selected powerful quotes about success, overcoming internal obstacles, and forging ahead by some of the greatest achievers in human history. These add another layer of reference material that can be bookmarked and returned to often for council and inspiration.

What are you waiting for? There’s a reason why James has earned his publishers more than $30 million from his fitness books and touched the lives of countless people all over the world. From politicians and celebrities, to average hard working individuals who just want to live a better, more focused, and healthier life.

It’s time to expand the parameters of your journey, and to Zone Tone your physique! Enjoy!