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In my course, 5 Steps to Sculpting Success, you’ll learn the success secrets that propelled me from personal trainer to international best-selling author of 30+ books selling millions of copies, celebrity fitness trainer, and acclaimed life and business coach, among others. More than just a static course, this highly personalized program takes my proven success principles and combines them with extensive coaching experience to create an innovative and intentional system for defining, achieving and maintaining your goals.

In this 16-week course, you’ll get the expert knowledge, resources, and empowering exercises necessary to better understand what you really want in your career and life. Using interactive lessons and simple worksheets, we’ll craft a specific, comprehensive, realistic plan to unlock your maximum potential in every aspect of life. Expect to gain a fresh enthusiasm to not only conquer adversity, but also to awaken to what’s most important to you and manifest that with passion!

To keep you balanced and motivated, the lessons are broken down into convenient, bite-sized portions delivered via email or your learning portal five days per week. Most lessons take no more than 15 to 30 minutes per day. The first lesson of every week includes a video from me to ignite your imagination and spread contagious zeal for success as YOU define it. At the end of each week, you’ll submit either actionable answers to insightful questions or goal-setting worksheets.

¬†With the Champ and Elite plans, you’ll receive my personalized feedback to these submissions and will have the optional opportunity to meet weekly for an attentive, non-judgmental, outside the box planning and accountability session. You’ll hear what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear, to either get your head back in the game or keep the fire burning under your seat!


Additional coaching available for $200/hour

My proven proprietary system, 5 Steps to Sculpting Your Success, is a transformative combination of independent learning, 1-on-1 review sessions, and highly customized coaching fit for your unique goals and challenges. This program was the inspiration behind my book, Goal Mining. Services are virtual & subject to availability.