Plenty of choices for workouts based on your goals

I purchased this book two months ago and have made definite progress in improving my physical condition so I know the book works.

The book has three broad sections:

1) Nutrition – what to eat, when to eat, etc
2) Exercises – the correct way to execute an exercise especially when around weights
3) Workout routines

Further more there are three workout routines to choose from depending on the TYPE of physique you are aiming for:
1) break-in routines for beginners
2) body sculpting workout routines
3) mass building workout routines

Within these routines the authors have further divided the routines based upon the fact whether you do or do not have access to a properly equipped gym. So literally – there is plenty of choice and you pick the workout that you want according to your situation.

The one feature about this book that I really liked was their description of nutrition. Other reviewers have already written about that so I won’t go into details in this review.

This book can give you the type of physique you are looking for and have you covered from all angles. Strongly recommended.

Recommended for rookies or veterans serious about weight training

This book is a must have if you’re really trying to get into shape. The detailed exercise descriptions help even more than I thought they would. The workout plans are fantastic and I follow them regularly. The nutrition section was informative. I would recommend this book to anyone that is serious about weight training, whether rookie or veteran.

Must have for getting in shape and good nutrition

This book is a must have if you are serious about good nutrition and getting into shape. After 4 weeks of following their nutritional guide and their workout guide, I am in as good of shape as I was while in my early 20’s as an airborne ranger in the military.

Results in the first 2 weeks

This is a great book. I am still in the first 2 weeks of the work out and I already can see results. The work out is one of the best ones I have followed as of yet. The book goes into great detail on each and every workout so if your a novice and never have picked up a weight before don’t worry, it helps you step by step. The nutrition guide for me was kind of confusing in the beginning but I read through the Nutrition chapter again and cleared it up for me. The food isn’t wonderful, you cant use any added salts or sugars. So it takes some getting used to. But one thing I can say is you definitely won’t go hungry. The portions are pretty large and you eat every 2-3 hours.

Over all it’s a great work out plan and has a great nutrition guide. (I dare not say ‘diet’ because diets are designed to fail. This helps you change your eating habits. And aids in getting the results you want from the gym.) I highly recommend it for anyone looking to change their life style and get a great body doing it.

My fiance is also following the one for women and is just as satisfied.

Recommended to everyone

I have bought both the men’s and women’s version of this book. I own a health club and teach this method of nutrition and working out daily in my center. I recommend it to everyone!

Significant gains; top rated product for years to come

This is by far the best book that I have found on weight training. However, more than the detailed descriptions of over 80 exercises and the free abs dvd, the authors provide sound guidance on nutrition and supplements. I have been on this workout plan for all of three weeks and have seen some significant gains. Plus, the varied 14 day work out plans make it easy for a busy professional to change up their workout schedule without a lot of planning and researching. Overall, a top rated product and one that I plan to keep using for years to come.

Immediate progress with diet and mental advice

I’ve been working out for about 2 years. I was doing the same routine in the gym week in and week out.

I only learned by watching others and asking other people that work out questions. I’ve researched body building sites, but the info was limited.

As soon as I started following the advice in this book I saw immediate, immediate progress. It not only instructs you very clearly on a variety of proper exercises and form, but also gives key information on diet and believe it or not the mental aspect of working out.

I have seen and read other books on similar subject matter, but none broke it down quite as simply and honestly, and Completely as this one.

It was introduced to me by a recent friend who is a personal trainer, who said that this book is comparable (and even beyond that) to the information provided in his certification for training. But obviously not as technical.

The information in this book is honest, accurate, and effective.

Sincere desire to help simply and effectively

If you want to look good with your shirt off, this book is excellent. The authors are sincere in their desire to help you. The book is very cheap compared to other fitness products, they don’t ask that you spend lots of money on equipment or subscribe to any club, and they don’t plug any particular products – they just tell you what’s out there, what’s junk and what worked for them. The advice is simple but effective – stop eating trash food, work out, and develop a good mental attitude. What they help provide for your 15 bucks is the motivation. If you want it, this book will give it to you.

A foundation for success

Whether you are in search for a program that will deliver great results or just looking for a foundation upon which you can create your own custom strength training program, the Body Sculpting Bible for Men, Revised Edition, is a great tool to help you achieve your fitness goals.

As a fan of the original book, I was pleased with the revisions and additional material included (DVD, FAQs throughout the book, updated workouts, etc). Yet it was great to see that the program is comprised of the same principles that made the plan so successful in the first place. The cornerstone of the program is the 14-day principle, which mixes up the entire routine every 14 days to maximize the body’s response. Although I’ve experimented with different plans over the past few years, the 14-day approach is something that’s allowed me to experience great success regardless of the routine.

Other highlights of the program include:

* The Power of the Mind – Many programs talk very little about the role that the mind-body connection plays in driving fantastic results, yet this is emphasized throughout the book with many practical tips to help you harness this power
* Comprehensiveness – The book touches on virtually every aspect of fitness and body sculpting…from exercises, to nutrition, to rest & recovery, and beyond
* Intensity – Supersetting and giantsetting techniques are used to provide a significant challenge, in contrast to more traditional, pyramid-based approaches
* Sincerity – Throughout the book and the DVD, the sincerity of the authors and their genuine desire to help readers achieve their goals is quite apparent; it makes it easier to follow a program when you feel the authors have the readers’ best interests in mind

I will admit, I feel the book could have been even stronger with more extensive discussion of aerobic exercise, the inclusion of recent holistic approaches (core training, yoga, etc), and perhaps an even greater “facelift” from the original edition (color, font choices, layout). Yet these are minor issues in what is overall a very solid book.

In the end, this book is a great tool to help you achieve a new body. If you are willing to supply the determination and the action, the Body Sculpting Bible for Men will undoubtedly help you produce the results. I definitely recommend it.

Easily understood detail that makes a difference

If you follow any form of athletics/sports today, you have probably heard the phrase, “Training and nutrition are much more scientific today than they were in the past, so that the athletes of today are bigger, stronger and faster…etc.” If you ever wondered what they meant by that, as I did, I believe this book will begin to show you what they mean.

I found the nutrition and supplement part of this book particularly interesting, because it shows the “science” of eating right. In this section the authors not only do a great job in breaking down the basics, like what are the good fats and bad fats, the good carbs and bad carbs, etc., but they also go into easily understood detail about what the body needs, and when it needs it. There are one or two paragraphs in this section about the post workout meal that they “guaranteed” would help increase your body sculpting results 10-fold, and after a few weeks of using it, I would have to agree that it is making a difference. Again, it’s eating the right foods at the right times. They explain how and why.

Their explanation of proper form while exercising really struck home with me as well. Even though I always knew it was important, the reasons were never explained to me as clearly as they were in this book. Again, after reading their in depth descriptions of the various exercises and how to perform them correctly, I have begun seeing and feeling much better results from each of my workouts. Correct form targets and isolates the preferred muscle group in ways that poor form and cheating never do. As an example, I could never get a good “burn” in my chest workouts. After reading their descriptions on the chest exercises, I realized I was using too much of my shoulders in the exercises. They explained how to correct that and now I am getting the burn in my pecs that have avoided me for 20+ years of on again, off again, weight training.


Amazing person committed to goals

James is an amazing person who is committed to his goals and enrolling others to theirs. James is one of my absolute favorite people that I have had the honor and privilege to work along side of.

Passionate life coach

James has been a passionate life coach for many years and has a mission of coaching families to support them in living their best lives.

True fitness icon

James is a true fitness icon. James has huge experience in building health & fitness brands and products and his Body Sculpting Bible books are one of the most successful fitness book franchises in history.

Fitness leader with honesty and integrity

James Villepigue is one of the leaders in the world of fitness. This is based on his experience in best practices in physical fitness, kinesiology and ability to communicate to any audience whether verbal presentations or in writing as evidenced by a plethora of best selling works of non-fiction. These publications have withstood the test of time and provide the foundation for fitness programs throughout the world. What does not appear on paper is the honesty and integrity of the James Villepigue. He refuses to represent unsafe or dangerous products or supplements, he communicates a strong value system when he works with individuals or groups. He is also personally responsible for saving my life without hesitation. Any product or project involving James Villepigue warrants your sincere consideration. I would never have any hesitation investing or participating in a Villepigue project not only for profit but changing lives as well.

Insightful, motivational, agile leader

Anyone who has had the great pleasure and privilege to share time with James has gained from the experience. James is the epitome of a motivational leader with incredible insight, instincts and agility both mentally and physically.

True leader in fitness industry

James is a true leader in the fitness industry. His books have helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their fitness goals and he’s been a role model for fellow professionals. If you have the opportunity to work with James, I encourage you to do it. He gets my strongest recommendation.

Cardio queen to lean, sculpted body

From about 1995 to 2010, I kept my weight between 123 – 128 pounds. However, in 2011, my scale reached 137 pounds again. So, I hit the book store and bought The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, by James Villepigue & Hugo Rivera. This book was exactly what I needed. It included nutritional and supplement information, illustrations of resistance exercises broken down by body part, and workouts.

I copied the workouts down on index cards and hit the grocery store for healthy foods. Then, I stepped into the free-weight area at our gym for the first time. I felt like an alien and as if everyone was staring at me (they weren’t). But, I followed my weight-training plan and stuck to my new diet plan eating 5 – 6 meals a day. Within days I FELT AMAZING! I had more energy than I’d ever had in my life! Within a month, my little muscles started to pop and I started receiving compliments about my physique from friends and neighbors.

Life-changing 150+ lb weight loss

After having traded in my the bulk of my adolescence and being miserable, unhappy, and feeling like a complete outsider, I decided I did not want to go through my early twenties being fat. I had no idea where to begin, so I went the route of going to Lindora. HOWEVER, I would like to caution that places like Lindora, Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, etc are businesses, so first and foremost they are out to make money. Although some of their methods were highly effective, they try and sell you a multitude of things you DON’T need. I realized this after the first three months and first thirty pounds of my weight loss, and stopped going to the clinic. I lost the remaining 150+ lbs. on my own, using some of their methods and my own willpower and determination. The book that I read that helped me with my workouts that is EXTREMELY effective in helping you tone, shape and build muscle is called: The Body Sculpting Bible for Women by James Villepigue and Hugo A. Rivera.

Nice jump rope

In an attempt to be more active and get in shape, I thought a jump rope would be the perfect work-out accessory. This Fit Whip is lightweight and the handles are easy to hold. They are made out of an aluminum material with a foam-like grip with Fit Whip inscribed on it. A little drawstring bag for storage was a nice plus.

I am so happy to find such a great product

I am so happy to find such a great product. I do not like going to your standard gym. Exercising with the Fit Whip has been a ton a fun and it is very easy to use. This is also perfect for me because I travel a lot. I look forward to continuing to use this and seeing the results. I received this product at a discount for my honest review and highly recommend it!

Great product. Compact storage. Stylish Design.

It does exactly what its supposed to, act as a thinner more streamlined version of the classic jumping rope. The adjustable screws to shorten the rope is a pretty neat feature. The compact size is pretty nice to have as it can fit in my work bag or a small pouch in my napsack. To summarize, it’s a great compact alternative for the traditional jump rope.