A foundation for success

Whether you are in search for a program that will deliver great results or just looking for a foundation upon which you can create your own custom strength training program, the Body Sculpting Bible for Men, Revised Edition, is a great tool to help you achieve your fitness goals.

As a fan of the original book, I was pleased with the revisions and additional material included (DVD, FAQs throughout the book, updated workouts, etc). Yet it was great to see that the program is comprised of the same principles that made the plan so successful in the first place. The cornerstone of the program is the 14-day principle, which mixes up the entire routine every 14 days to maximize the body’s response. Although I’ve experimented with different plans over the past few years, the 14-day approach is something that’s allowed me to experience great success regardless of the routine.

Other highlights of the program include:

* The Power of the Mind – Many programs talk very little about the role that the mind-body connection plays in driving fantastic results, yet this is emphasized throughout the book with many practical tips to help you harness this power
* Comprehensiveness – The book touches on virtually every aspect of fitness and body sculpting…from exercises, to nutrition, to rest & recovery, and beyond
* Intensity – Supersetting and giantsetting techniques are used to provide a significant challenge, in contrast to more traditional, pyramid-based approaches
* Sincerity – Throughout the book and the DVD, the sincerity of the authors and their genuine desire to help readers achieve their goals is quite apparent; it makes it easier to follow a program when you feel the authors have the readers’ best interests in mind

I will admit, I feel the book could have been even stronger with more extensive discussion of aerobic exercise, the inclusion of recent holistic approaches (core training, yoga, etc), and perhaps an even greater “facelift” from the original edition (color, font choices, layout). Yet these are minor issues in what is overall a very solid book.

In the end, this book is a great tool to help you achieve a new body. If you are willing to supply the determination and the action, the Body Sculpting Bible for Men will undoubtedly help you produce the results. I definitely recommend it.