Easily understood detail that makes a difference

If you follow any form of athletics/sports today, you have probably heard the phrase, “Training and nutrition are much more scientific today than they were in the past, so that the athletes of today are bigger, stronger and faster…etc.” If you ever wondered what they meant by that, as I did, I believe this book will begin to show you what they mean.

I found the nutrition and supplement part of this book particularly interesting, because it shows the “science” of eating right. In this section the authors not only do a great job in breaking down the basics, like what are the good fats and bad fats, the good carbs and bad carbs, etc., but they also go into easily understood detail about what the body needs, and when it needs it. There are one or two paragraphs in this section about the post workout meal that they “guaranteed” would help increase your body sculpting results 10-fold, and after a few weeks of using it, I would have to agree that it is making a difference. Again, it’s eating the right foods at the right times. They explain how and why.

Their explanation of proper form while exercising really struck home with me as well. Even though I always knew it was important, the reasons were never explained to me as clearly as they were in this book. Again, after reading their in depth descriptions of the various exercises and how to perform them correctly, I have begun seeing and feeling much better results from each of my workouts. Correct form targets and isolates the preferred muscle group in ways that poor form and cheating never do. As an example, I could never get a good “burn” in my chest workouts. After reading their descriptions on the chest exercises, I realized I was using too much of my shoulders in the exercises. They explained how to correct that and now I am getting the burn in my pecs that have avoided me for 20+ years of on again, off again, weight training.