Immediate progress with diet and mental advice

I’ve been working out for about 2 years. I was doing the same routine in the gym week in and week out.

I only learned by watching others and asking other people that work out questions. I’ve researched body building sites, but the info was limited.

As soon as I started following the advice in this book I saw immediate, immediate progress. It not only instructs you very clearly on a variety of proper exercises and form, but also gives key information on diet and believe it or not the mental aspect of working out.

I have seen and read other books on similar subject matter, but none broke it down quite as simply and honestly, and Completely as this one.

It was introduced to me by a recent friend who is a personal trainer, who said that this book is comparable (and even beyond that) to the information provided in his certification for training. But obviously not as technical.

The information in this book is honest, accurate, and effective.