Plenty of choices for workouts based on your goals

I purchased this book two months ago and have made definite progress in improving my physical condition so I know the book works.

The book has three broad sections:

1) Nutrition – what to eat, when to eat, etc
2) Exercises – the correct way to execute an exercise especially when around weights
3) Workout routines

Further more there are three workout routines to choose from depending on the TYPE of physique you are aiming for:
1) break-in routines for beginners
2) body sculpting workout routines
3) mass building workout routines

Within these routines the authors have further divided the routines based upon the fact whether you do or do not have access to a properly equipped gym. So literally – there is plenty of choice and you pick the workout that you want according to your situation.

The one feature about this book that I really liked was their description of nutrition. Other reviewers have already written about that so I won’t go into details in this review.

This book can give you the type of physique you are looking for and have you covered from all angles. Strongly recommended.