Results in the first 2 weeks

This is a great book. I am still in the first 2 weeks of the work out and I already can see results. The work out is one of the best ones I have followed as of yet. The book goes into great detail on each and every workout so if your a novice and never have picked up a weight before don’t worry, it helps you step by step. The nutrition guide for me was kind of confusing in the beginning but I read through the Nutrition chapter again and cleared it up for me. The food isn’t wonderful, you cant use any added salts or sugars. So it takes some getting used to. But one thing I can say is you definitely won’t go hungry. The portions are pretty large and you eat every 2-3 hours.

Over all it’s a great work out plan and has a great nutrition guide. (I dare not say ‘diet’ because diets are designed to fail. This helps you change your eating habits. And aids in getting the results you want from the gym.) I highly recommend it for anyone looking to change their life style and get a great body doing it.

My fiance is also following the one for women and is just as satisfied.